Nokē Smart Entry System

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Nokē Smart Entry System

Have you ever gone to your storage unit and forgotten the key to your lock? What about rolling down your window to enter your code to open the gate during inclement weather only to find the keypad is not working? Newark Safe Storage is excited to bring you a more secure and user-friendly way to think about gate and storage unit security. The best part is all it takes is an item you most likely already have: a smartphone.

Newark Safe Storage has introduced a product named the Nokē Smart Entry System for our main gate and Pole Barn access for interior units. Nokē is a Bluetooth electronic lock that allows you to access the site and units by an app on your smartphone. No more forgotten or lost keys or having to open your car windows to enter a code on a keypad. Just open the app, tap on an icon and you can access the site and unit.

Simple Setup

Setting up the app is easy. On the day your lease starts, you will get a text message to your phone with a link to download the app and a passcode. Once you download the app, you sign in with your phone number and the temporary passcode to create an account.

Share Access with Digital Keys

Another fantastic feature of the Noke Smart Entry system is digital key sharing. You can go onto the app and grant access to a family member, friend, or anyone you want to access your unit. Access is totally in your control and you can add or remove access as you wish.

Easy to Use

  • If you are accessing a gate or entrance, tap on the icon.
  • A few seconds later the gate or door will slide open.
  • If you are accessing your unit, walk to your unit.
  • On the door, you will notice NokeOne latch with a rectangular window showing a light.
  • A red light means that the unit is locked, a green light means the unit is unlocked.